Care For Your Hair

Finding the right products for your hair can be frustrating, but we have created the best products to give you stronger, healthier hair. 

Curly hair care isn’t the same for everyone—it varies based on your curl pattern and porosity. Knowing your curls will help you better understand how to treat and care for them. Most people will tell you they have more than one curl type in their head, which can be true! However, knowing your basic curl pattern can help determine what is best for your curls to shine. 

Curly hair routines really only vary slightly between curl types. The biggest difference in your natural curly hair care regimen will be with the types of curly hair products you use, just as we shared above. Below, we’ve boiled down the basics of how to take care of curly hair into five steps anyone with curls should follow.

Basic Hair Care Steps:

1. Cleansing. Start your curly hair routine with a good wash to help get rid of any dirt, grime, and excess oil. When cleansing your main focus should be on your roots, and gently massage your cleanser from the roots to the ends of your hair. Cleanse is a hydrating conditioner that helps to remove product build up from the scalp without stripping your hair of it’s needed oils.

2. Conditioning. Follow it up with a great conditioner. This is where you focus on the length of your hair to the tips. Use your conditioner to also gently detangle before moving on to styling. Renew is made with many natural ingredients that will help to restore your hair and give you soft and stronger curls. 

3.Hair Mask. Usually, twice a month or at least once a month, treat your hair to a hair mask. We created a leave- in treatment that can be left in or rinsed out like a hair mask. Using our Chebé Leave- In Treatment 
will help to restore and strengthen those curls. For an even more hydrating fix, use a hair steamer to help open up the cuticle and allow the mask ingredients to penetrate within the hair shaft.

4. Proper drying. Dry your curls carefully. It’s important to dry curls with a fabric that won’t cause too much friction. Not only does friction make curls look frizzy because it’s lifting the cuticle, but the rubbing can also cause breakage. Instead of a towel, use a soft cotton T-shirt to dry curls.

5. Protecting. A big part of curl care is how you protect hair while you sleep. Putting it in a protective style and ensuring that your hair doesn’t rub against rough fabrics is important. Sleeping with a bonnet or satin pillowcase is pretty much a requirement in any curly hair care routine. When styling protect your strands with a leave in Cream like Puddin’ (a gentle protein building leave-in) and Nourish ( a rich, moisturizing leave-in) and a oil like Soothe (a lightweight oil) to lock in moisture.

6. Define. If you want to help define your curls, using a hair curling gel or soufflé like Gellie ( a flaxseed rich, medium to strong hold styling gel) and Juicy ( a hydrating, slip providing curl bouncer) will ensure those curls are protected and defined.