The Key To Growing Your Hair

The Key To Growing Your Hair

Often times as a curly hair girl with Type 4 hair, it can feel like length is never an option for you. But I am here to tell you that IT IS! You just need the right tips, and the right products to get you started. 

Through the years of relaxing, bleaching, and burning my hair up with hot tools, I have been told that type 4 hair people can’t grow their long (or anyone with curlier/ kinkier textures). I did not start to truly take care of my hair and see the potential that is has to be healthy, and strong until I started putting down the relaxers, the bleaching, and the hot tools and started taking care of my hair. Although I did not do a complete big chop, I did cut off a significant amount of my hair. I know it can be hard for some to completely lose your hair and that is okay! Even getting a regular trim is a great step to starting your healthy hair journey. 

After chopping off my hair, I started to really take better care of my ends. Your ends are the most fragile part of your hair and are what need the most care to ensure you retain that length. I know what you are thinking, “Doesn’t genetics play a role in how long your hair gets?”. The answer is YES genetics does play a big role is how fast your hair grows, BUT your hair is still growing. So, even if it is not growing as fast as others does not mean it is not growing at all. You may just be focusing your attention to your scalp more and not your ends. 

To really start seeing the difference in the growth of your hair here are some tips to follow:

  1. Focus on your ends just as much as you do your roots. Using Leave- Ins like our Chebé and Nourish Leave-Ins helps to keep your ends moisturized so they do not break off.
  2. Apply a hair oil to your roots and ends to lock in moisture. Our Soothe growth oil has 17 different oils and is perfect for this step.
  3. Refresh your hair throughout the day when it feels dry. Oh Luster leave-in spray, will help to keep not just your roots healthy, but also your ends. It also has Biotin which is shown to enhance the thickness and length in your curls. Using a Spray Bottle is another great way to keep your hair refreshed. 
  4. Wear your bonnet, scarves, and durags. Protecting your hair at night is very important for protecting your ends while you sleep.
  5. Drink water and eat healthy. What goes in your body can have a significant impact on your over all health including your hair.
  6. Cleanse out build up. As they say dirty hair grows, but when wash day comes it is important to do it right. It is important to make sure when you are cleansing your hair you are not stripping it completely if it’s natural oils. Our Cleanse shampoo is a great cleansing step to get rid of dirt and build up on the scalp without stripping your hair completely. Using a Scalp Massager is a gentle way to get into your scalp without using your nails to scrape up your head and cause more issues down the road.
  7. Deep treatments & masks. Every once in awhile it is great to treat your with a nice conditioner. Our Renew multi tasking conditioner is a perfect regular wash day conditioner or deep conditioner to bring softness to your curls after shampooing. Our Chebé Leave-In Treatment is a strengthening hair mask that can be left in and twisted or braided up, or used as a treatment mask and rinsed out. It goes great with protective styling like the women of Chad who use Chebé and then braid or twist their hair up.
  8. Gently detangle! Ripping through your hair when it comes time to detangle is a no no. Start from your ends and work your way up. Using a Wide Tooth Comb is a great tool to really get rid of those tangled without tipping through your pretty curls. 
  9. Style with care! When you want to make your curls pop, or wear a slick back hairstyle it is important to use a product that won’t cause more dryness to your hair. Our Gielle styling gel is perfect for defining curls without causing flakiness to your hair. Juicy and Puddin are perfect for getting pillow soft curls, and nicely sculpted coils while adding hydration as well. Our So Sleek Maximum Hold Gel is great for sleek hairstyles, braids, twists, locs, and edges! 

Now that you got the tips it’s time to get the tools (products) you need to start your natural, healthy, hair journey.  


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